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Charting the end of the American way of life, one day at a time.

America Sucks
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In recent times America has been straying further and further from its founding principles. Dissemination of information to increase public awareness of how this is happening is vital if America's decline is to be stopped.

To clarify: This journal is not about politics. It is not about America's international dealings, be they economic, military, or scientific. It is most certainly not about popular culture or American stereotypes.

It is about increasing awareness of how personal freedoms and civil liberties are being eroded, and discussions of the reasons for this. It is about personal experiences of unreasonable opression or censorship. It is for discussion of how the America that 'should be' differs from the America that currently is, in terms of freedom and liberty for all.

For more information about the focus of this journal, you might want to read the 'about' page on the main site.